Apple continues to invest in US component manufacturers

Whatever Apple gadgets are in demand, no matter how they are swept away from the shelves by tens of millions of boxes, but the leadership of the famous American company always wants more. Increase sales, net profit, become even more recognizable among potential buyers and, of course, get more independence from foreign manufactures, which today produce most of the components for Apple equipment. It is because of this that the Kupertinovites are investing serious money in American companies.

In the spring of 2017, Apple established a special fund of one billion dollars, whose main task was to support American component manufacturers. The first lucky winner, who received Apple’s support, was Corning. It is well known as the manufacturer of durable glass for mobile devices. The creators of the famous Gorilla Glass were allocated for the development of 200 million dollars from this fund itself. Money will go to research activities, as a result of which absolutely new materials can appear on the light.

The second American company, to which Apple will support, will be Finisar. This manufacturer of chips and other components will receive from businesses from Cupertino $ 390 million. Apple benefit in this case is obvious, because Finisar, among other things, creates VCSELs (VSCEL), on the basis of which the technology works Face ID in the iPhone the X . And since new smartphones will now be supplied with this technology, it is better to take care of increasing the production of necessary components in advance. Finisar plans to hire more than 500 skilled workers for this money and significantly accelerate production.

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