Cryptorubles may appear in Russia

The possibility of the emergence of the national crypto currency is reported by Rosfinmonitoring, which is currently consulting with specialists and potential partners. The idea is discussed with representatives of banks, the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank. A national crypto currency must necessarily have an issuer that has the necessary rights and assumes all responsibility. His activity will be licensed, most likely, the issuer will be any financial organization.

Citizens will be able to exchange rubles and currency for online crypto currency, for which they will create a special exchange site. To buy it you will need to identify your identity, thus anonymous purchases and transfers are planned to be minimized, eliminating the possibility of financing terrorism.
At the moment, the idea of ​​banning other crypto-currencies after the introduction of the national one is being discussed, but such an initiative is not new: in the autumn of last year a regulation was issued on the site prohibiting the circulation of crypto-currency in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The crypto currency itself is not interesting to banks, but they are attracted by the possibility of using blockchain technology, on which the crypto currency is based. Specialists note that its implementation would significantly reduce the cost of storing information and making transfers.

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