NVIDIA recommends retailers to limit the sale of video cards to miners

NVIDIA company appealed to European retail partners with a request to reduce the sale of its video cards to the miners . It is recommended to sell no more than two video cards in one hand, – reports Techspot, referring to the German division of the company.

Representatives of NVIDIA note that it is recommended to limit the sale of not all models produced by the company, but only those used to create crypto-currency farms for mining. This, according to the manufacturer, will help to avoid a shortage of video cards on the market.

Boris Bels, the German representative of NVIDIA for public relations, noted that for the company in the first place are gamers who buy video cards for games. In the current situation, players have quite serious problems with access to the latest developments of the company, since most of the products are spent on the needs of miners engaged in the production of crypto-currencies.

The company is seriously concerned about the excitement in the market, which was provoked by the miners. The management of the company is confident that the sale of no more than two video cards in one hand will help to cope with the deficit.

At the same time, the stock price of NVIDIA company doubled due to the wild demand for video cards. They now cost more than 230 dollars apiece. Experts are sure that this was due to the efforts of the miners.

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