Presented the world’s first 512-GB microSD card

MicroSD 512 GB

MicroSD cards are the most popular and, perhaps, the only way to expand the built-in memory of mobile devices. For the first time this card was introduced in 2004 and its volume at that time was only 128 MB. And soon, microSD cards with 512 GB capacity will be available to users.

As part of Computex 2015, which was held this week in Taipei, the little-known company Microdia introduced the world’s first 512-GB MicroSDXC card. The card has a high transfer rate of up to 300 Mbps or 150 Mbps if the device does not support the SD 4.0 standard. The new memory card is designed primarily for professional photographers, graphic designers, editors, as well as those who often have to work with a large amount of data.

The world’s first MicroSD 512 GB card from Microdia will go on sale next month, in July. True, it will cost about 1000 US dollars.

Recall, before the largest MicroSD-card was considered presented this spring card SanDick capacity of 200 GB. It is offered at a price of 399 dollars.



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