Rostov hacker hacked PayPal

Despite the development of new and new methods of cybersecurity, electronic wallets and payment systems will always be a tasty morsel for hackers and other impure people living on the World Wide Web. More than once attempts were made to break into payment systems and attempts to steal bank cards, but a hacker from Rostov-on-Don recently managed to crack one of the most widespread payment systems in the world PayPal and steal from its users several million rubles.

Not so long ago, on suspicion of cybercrime, the law enforcement authorities of Rostov-on-Don detained a 21-year-old hacker. As it became known, a young man (whose name is not disclosed by the investigation) for several months hacked private accounts of PayPal users and withdrew money from their account data. As stated in the press service of law enforcement agencies,

“The attacks were primarily a popular PayPal system, in which hackers discovered a significant vulnerability. In less than six months, a resident of Rostov received several million rubles and planned to continue his activities. “

During the investigation it was possible to find out that the young man from the age of 15 was fond of programming and information security. At some point he started writing programs so that you could figure out the personal data of the users. Apparently, after that, other cybercriminals came up to him, who offered cooperation to the hacker. At the moment a criminal case has been filed against the Rostov hacker for an article related to the creation and distribution of malicious programs. Well, we, in turn, recall that for any of its payment systems, try to use the best possible protection systems: two- and three-stage authentication, complex passwords, biometric data and in general, all available means.

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