Smart home from England generates more electricity than consumes

Solcer House

The University of Wales announced the construction of the first smart house from a series of energy-efficient buildings of the SPECIFIC project. The project is guided by the concept of “Buildings as power plants”, that is, following it, any building must generate energy, which is enough, at least for the building’s own needs.

A positive balance of energy is achieved by reducing consumption, using modern renewable energy sources, as well as “smart” energy storage for later use.

The so-called solar collectors (TSC) are also used as components of the high-tech house. They include a leather perforated cover on the outside of the house, through which fresh air is sucked in and then warmed by the sun’s rays. The resulting warm stream is used for heating.

Solcer House

Electricity is generated by a 4.3-kilowatt solar panel located on the southern side of the roof of the house. Energy, which is not required at the moment, is stored in a battery. In the future, it is spent on heating, ventilation, water and electricity.

High-tech house, called the Solcer House, was built in just 16 weeks.


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